Chemical Free Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-28-2008 in Articles

Most consumers are not aware of the toxic properties of chlorine. Chlorine is known to cause cancer and hardening of the arteries. The fact that it is in most municipal water consumers believe it is safe. Some consumers are being steered toward salt water system with the belief that they will not have chlorine in their pool only to discover they are making chlorine from salt. Add chlorine and salt and now the water is not only toxic but now it is even more corrosive.

Nature2 and ozone have been very popular for consumers that want to try reduce the amount of chlorine they use in their pool. Nature2 is sold under the pretense that it is a chemical free alternative. However to be effective you must use chlorine or shock your pool for proper maintenance. Ozone has no residual sanitizing effect in the pool water so users must use chlorine with this system also.

The state of the art method is a process of using electronic oxidation and copper ionization to safely and effectively sanitize a pool using no chemicals. The electronic oxidation works like ozone and chlorine but unlike either it has no toxicity. Simply by electronically breaking water into its component parts hydrogen and oxygen.

Ionization is also done electronically. The basic science is that copper in water under specific pH parameters is effective as chlorine for killing bacteria and algae with no side effects. The ionization is the residual protection in the pool. The oxidation is only in the chamber.

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