Chemical Imbalance Can Harm Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-21-2010 in Articles

Chemistry is more than just a difficult albeit boring subject in school, it is important in keeping your swimming pool safe and clean for you and your family. Swimming pools need more than just your filter system to keep you pool safe, filters may keep it clean but the right chemicals will keep it safe and free from contamination.

Your swimming pool when left untreated can be one of the best places for bacteria to thrive and infect people swimming in it with the disease it may carry. You must also treat your pool with chemicals the proper way or it can cause damage to your swimming pool making it costly for you. Imbalance chemicals in your pool may also irritate and infect your eyes and your skin as well as make the pool's water really cloudy.

So the best way is to maintain the right pH level of your pool. The pH of your pool simply means the measure of the acids and alkalis in it and so your water must have the right measure of acid-alkalinity balance. There is a strong adverse chemical reaction that occurs when your water is either too acidic or has strong alkaline. Acidic pool water will wear away the metal equipment of your pool, etching on the material's exterior and irritate your skin. When the pool is too alkaline, cloudy water results as well as scaling on your pool equipment like the plumbing. You must continually keep the right chemical balance of your pool to keep it safe for everyone.

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