Chemicals In Your Pool That Could Be Killing You  

by Pool Builders on 07-14-2011 in Articles

Ah! The summer season is here. Time to take a plunge in that wonderful clear pool off your back platform. Take a nice deep breath and get that nice aroma of chlorine in your lungs. Do not inhale too deeply yet though. You don't want to totally kill your lungs this early in the season. Now, take that initial dive into the pool and enjoy a restful swim around your pool. Do not be worried about that red rash growing on your skin though. After all it's merely a little itchy.

You've just done what millions of individuals have been doing for years. You have just jumped into one of the most toxic cesspools in America, and countless number of Americans have one in their own back yard.

Have no fear though, there is a very simple, practical solution to this issue. But, first let me tell you what you have just sunken your body into:
Carcinogens - Chlorine contains many carcinogens, the most cancer producing substances.

Trihalomethanes - Chlorine interacts with decaying vegetation and other natural organic material to form the cancer producing substance trihalomethanes.
Aging - Chlorine causes premature ageing.

Skin Illnesses - Acne, eczema, psoriasis, and the terminal malignant melanoma could be caused by chlorine.

Lungs - Chlorine and chlorine gas could do irreparable damage to the lungs.

Eyes - You all have experienced the red, sensitive eyes after swimming in a chlorine processed pool . Permanent loss of sight could happen if the solution is too strong.

Strong - The chlorine in your pool is 1000 times stronger than the okay level recommended by the FPA.

Dioxin - Chlorine also changes to Hydrocarbon, the most dangerous cancer-causing chemical.

Several pool companies will suggest the safer? bromine solution. Well Bromine:

- Causes cancer
- Damages the liver
- Damages the nervous system
- Causes brain damage
- Causes infertility in males

Now, do you wish to go diving into your garden toxic dump or would you enjoy to take the better route and use the proven H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) way for sustaining your pool or spa.

Pros of employing H2O2 for your pool or spa contain:

- It's made up of life's two most crucial ingredients, water and oxygen. No toxic substances included.

- It is a natural antiseptic cleaner, anti fungal and natural whitener.

- Promotes a healthy environment in your pool and in the wind encompassing your pool and spa.

- Does not go bad. No short shelf life like chlorine.

- You can chill in pure, healthy, clean water. Not in a harmful pool.

- The organic material in your pool burns off or oxidizes when it comes in contact with H2O2.

So the option is yours. Do you wish to go on diving into your dangerous cesspool and suffer the harmful effects which keep accumulating in your body, or are you going to enjoy the safer, clear atmosphere of an H2O2 treated pool or spa. Solution looks to be quite evident.

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