Chemicals Keep Us Safe

by Pool Builders on 03-23-2010 in Articles

It is sometimes inconceivable that the one which keeps us safe from accidents is the thing that we fear without any reason. Chemicals are often feared for no reason. It should be kept in mind these laboratory concoctions are not always dangerous and hazardous. Take for example our reliable cure for common diseases- pills and syrups. These are chemicals. And what about vitamins and food supplements that we keep on ingesting just to make ourselves feel healthy.

The same is true with chemicals that keep our swimming pool safe. The mere mention that these are not your typical household chemicals but industry-rated concentrations will send shivers to someone's spine. Imagine having small children wade and swim in chemical saturated water? What if they are able to swallow pool water? Will they get sick? And so the list of concern go on and on. Sometimes misinformation will even led parents to disallow their children to enjoy the swimming pool.

The real score on this matter is that pool chemicals if not used properly are hazardous to one's health. In keeping swimming pools safe, a concoction of strong cleaning agents and chemicals are used like Acids, Water Clarifiers, and Algaecides. Even Chlorine which is the leading pool cleanser is potentially dangerous to swimmers if used in wrong quantity. It also affects pool accessories and equipment. However, by applying the right quantity of chlorine will prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful germs.

Bromine which is another swimming pool chemical can be harmful. A strong level of this germicide in the swimming pool will irritate the skin. Same is true with Algaecides which is used to check the growth of algae.

In the light of these potentially harmful pool chemicals, extreme caution is recommended in applying the same. Better yet pool owners must go to a trusted pool supplier as these can give them the best advice for proper chemical application.

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