Child Pool Safety

by Pool Builders on 11-25-2009 in Articles

Child pool safety requires that when a child is around a pool, someone who can swim and perform CPR should be on hand. If you, as a parent, can't do this then it's imperative you learn both. You should know how to perform CPR on infants and children. Your community is bound to host CPR classes that will help you benefit in the long run. It's better to know and nothing happen than to not know and you lose your child.

Adults should stay in sight of the children at all times. By staying in sight that means you are available to dive into the pool on a moments notice. Every second counts. It really does. You can use floaties for child pool safety, but it doesn't eliminate the need for you to be on hand. Remember to remove toys from the pool and the pool side. It's a temptation for them to be left there.

Spend some time to enhance the child pool safety parameters. Use a fence and a cover on the pool. Make sure your fence gate closes automatically and that the latch is out of reach of any children. A fence is useless if the child can unlatch the gate and walk right in. Keep the fence atleast five feet high and enclose the entire pool with it. If there is a house door that leads to the pool, install an alarm.

Pool Safety Swimming Lessons

Another part of pool safety is swimming lessons. A child can be taught to swim at an extremely young age. While a toddler still remains incapable of being left alone by a pool, it will help them learn to develop an instinct for water survival, such as grabbing to a wall.

By combining these child pool safety techniques your days at the pool can be more relaxing and a little more fun for children. However, like any other safety precaution, it should be used with common sense and education. Never leave the safety of your children entirely to a device.

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