Child Safety Measures for Pools  

by Pool Builders on 09-14-2014 in Articles

As parents, there is nothing more important to us than keeping our children safe. The danger lurking in the bordering ocean and Makapu'u Tide pools here in Honolulu county is definitely something to beware of. This danger is the possibility of drowning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about ten people drown every day. However, most accidental drownings among children occur in backyard swimming pools. Although Honolulu has plenty of natural water sources, such as the ocean, rivers and tide pools, it also has plenty of backyard pools. Nevertheless there are a few ways to reduce the risk of an accidental drowning happening in a backyard pool, such as covering it or building a fence around it.
Adding a cover to your pool as a barrier for your adventurous toddler is a good way to reduce the risk of your child accidentally falling in. You can either buy a cover at your local home improvement store or you can call a pool services and repair company to install a cover for you. In fact, there are plenty of pool services and repair companies here in Honolulu.
There are a couple different types of coverings. There are automatic covers and pin down covers. Automatic covers require child safety specialists or cover specialists to install the high-tech covering for you, but pin down covers can be installed by certain pool services and repair companies. However, automatic covers can be much more convenient than their pin down counterparts, especially when living here in Honolulu where it is hot all year long. It can be a chore to constantly pin and unpin the cover when going for a swim. Therefore, the right cover for you may depend on how often you go for a swim. No matter which covering you choose though, it can help keep your pool clean by keeping wandering trash and leaves out, which is helpful especially in Honolulu with so many trees.
Another option is to install a fence to keep your child out. There are some fences that you can install yourself, but there are also some that would require a contractor. Certain pool services and repair companies might also be able to install a fence for you. When choosing a barrier, there are a few factors to keep in mind such as height, material, and spacing between panels. The taller the barrier the better because a large height can make it a tough obstacle to get over. However, you also want the fence to be low enough to the ground so that your toddler cannot crawl under it either. Having a barrier installed is a good way to reduce the risk of your child accidentally falling into the pool, but no barrier is completely childproof.
Although pool coverings and fences are good measures to take to protect your children, there is no 100% child safe feature for pools. Many people see Honolulu as paradise, but danger lurks everywhere. However, a good way to reduce the danger of accidentally drowning is teaching your kids how to swim and always supervising them whenever they go outside to play in the water. Spending a day in the pool can be a great family activity, just be sure to keep the water clean and make sure it's always ready to be used, especially if living in Honolulu where it is always warm enough to go for a swim. If you find that you do not have time to clean the water yourself then it is a good idea to hire a pool services and repair company to do it for you. In fact, a great pool services and repair company that is located right here in Honolulu is Hawaii Pool and Spa Service. So whether you decide to take care of your pool yourself or decide to hire a pool services and repair company to do it for you, be sure to supervise your children at all times and take any child safety measures possible. Have fun and be safe!

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