Child Safety Tips For a Community Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 09-17-2009 in Articles

If your child is interested in swimming you should always encourage him to participate. Because it's more feasible to take your child to a community swimming pool than to build one in your backyard, you should probably understand that a community pool also has hazards. And that means you need to keep a careful eye on your child while you are there.

Safety Tip 1: Discussing Safety with Your Children

Your children can't expect to know how to react in a swimming pool if you don't teach them. Don't ever allow your children to run around a swimming pool. Explain to them the dangers of running near a pool. Also teach your children that they need to stay close to you, even if they can swim. For children that can't swim, make sure you always have contact with them even if they have flotation devices.

Safety Tip 2: Staying with Your Child

There are going to be a lot of people and a lot more kids at a community swimming pool so it's likely your child is going to want to run off and play with new kids. Without being overbearing, make sure your child knows how important it is that he can see you at all times. Try to stay within reach of your child. While many community swimming pools have lifeguards, they aren't there to babysit your children. Neither are the other people using the community pool.

Safety Tip 3: Know How Well Your Child Can Swim

It doesn't matter how confident your child is about his swimming capabilities, you should know for yourself how well your child can swim. For those younger children that aren't strong swimmers, it's important you keep them away from deeper waters. It's dangerous if a child gets in waters where he can't reach the bottom because if he gets tired there is a chance he could drown.

Safety Tip 4: Swimming Lessons

One of the best ways to give yourself comfort is to use the classes offered by your community pool to give your child swimming lessons. If you know your child can swim, you'll be able to relax just a little more than having to constantly worry about him. Again, just because your child can swim doesn't mean you get to leave him unattended at a community swimming pool.

Safety Tip 5: Show Your Child Where Not to Go

Showing your child the difference between the deep and shallow ends in the pool is a great way to keep your child from wandering into deep waters. Make sure your child knows what the ropes look like that section the deep end off, so your child doesn't go too far if he does get separated from you. Explain to him that under no circumstances is he to go past the rope that sections off the deep water. As your child gets older and becomes a better swimmer he may want to jump off the diving boards or swim in deeper waters. There are often tests your child would have to pass in order to do that, so make sure your child could pass such a test.

A community pool is a great way for kids to meet other kids and have fun in the sun without getting heat exhaustion. A community pool is a great option for allowing your child to participate in swimming activities without having to pay the price of building your own pool. Plus he also gets the benefit of learning how to swim. Swimming pools are fun places, but there is still a need for you, as a parent, to watch your children always keeping safety in mind.

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