Child Safety at Home and Around the Pool

by Pool Builders on 08-28-2010 in Articles

When you own a swimming pool you want to ensure that your children are safe using it at all times, although they can be a lot of fun they can also be dangerous. One of the many ways you can ensure that your children are safe is to install a pool alarm. Although pool safety is very important you also want your children to be safe and secure everywhere they go and this includes outside in the street.

Your children are precious to you and their safety is the most important thing, as a parent you want to know that your children can play safely and without fear of injury or kidnap. Teaching your children at a very young age some basic safety rules can help to save their lives. Basic stranger danger can be taught to young children and they will understand. You should ensure that when your children are out playing that they have an electronic whistle. They should know how to use it and in what situations it must be used.

Although you want your children to be children and enjoy their time playing they also need to understand that there are dangerous people in the world. Teaching your children not to talk to strangers is essential and ensuring that they know what to do if approached. Having an electronic whistle may be the factor that stops your child from being taken easily. You should teach your children how to use a phone and if possible they should have a mobile phone of their own.

If this is not possible then they should know a contact number for an adult that they can call in an emergency. You should try to ensure that your child does not leave the house with their name on the clothes or bags as this will make it easier for strangers to approach your children. Your children will need to be street wise and understand how to use their phones and electronic whistle if needed.

Another concerning area for your children is when they are near the pool children love playing in water and often don't appreciate the dangers. Having a pool alarm fitted is a great idea and there are many different varieties for you to choose from. These allow your child to play safely in the garden area and if they do happen to fall in then the pool alarm will sound. These are ideal for pools that are not covered or fenced in and will give you peace of mind that your children are safe.

When children are playing they tend to forget about safety issues so teaching them that they are normal every day things will help them to learn. All safety issues when you have children are very important and teaching them the dangers that surround them will make them more aware. Even very small children will benefit from being taught safety issues and they will then grow up to be more aware of their surroundings. The idea is not to scare your child as this will not help, they simply need to know how to play safe and stay safe.

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