Chlorinator Replacement for Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 07-24-2012 in Articles

As a responsible pool owner, isn't it time for a permanent, non-toxic, chemical free, environmentally sound defense against algae and bacteria? Isn't it time to replace your salt chlorinator with a safe, natural, chlorine free water purifying system?

Ancient science updated for 21st century use
Ancient Greek scientists discovered the basic principles by which 21st century electronic water systems purify the water in your pool, spa and hot tub. Copper efficiently and effectively eliminates algae, and silver numbers among nature's most potent bactericides. Ancient Greek royalty stored their water in silver urns and drank from silver goblets. Updating the ancient idea, NASA engineers constructed an electrolytic silver ionizer to purify astronauts' drinking water. They deployed their system on Apollo and Space Shuttle missions.

In everyday household use, this NASA technology makes water purification systems accurate, reliable and durable. Electronic ionization systems eliminate the need for expensive, potentially toxic salt, chlorine, bromine and other standard pool-cleaning products. Electronic ionization systems use copper, silver and zinc mineral ions to purify and sanitize swimming pools, hot tubs, spas and fountains; you also may use your electronic ionizer to purify the water in your HVAC system. No more skin and eye irritation; no more odors and spill-risks.

Electronic water purification
Easy to install and maintain, your electronic water purifier supplements your existing filtration system. As water circulates, it runs through a sealed chamber in your ionizer, the system passes an extremely low DC current through copper- and silver-alloy anodes, generating copper and silver ions and releasing them into the water. In the water, copper and silver ions attach to and interact with algae and bacteria, altering their enzymes and crippling their metabolism. Dead micro-organisms and used ions naturally aggregate for easy removal by your filter. Ions continue stabilizing and sanitizing the water until this process exhausts the supply; then, the process repeats.

Electronic water purifiers are fully automated. The ionizer monitors both water and power consumption of system anodes, adjusting the power supply in accordance with pool water needs. All swimming pool automation systems should work as smooth as Bioniser water purifier. The minerals are copper and silver ion products of advanced metallurgy, with self-cleaning, self activating anodes. Homeowners occasionally must add non-chlorine oxidizers to their systems in order to break-down organic debris from suntan oils and other skin and hair care products, and they must continue monitoring the pH in their systems. The ionizer eliminates the need for all other maintenance.

Efficient and economic
The Bioniser system itself operates for just pennies per day in energy costs. Because it eliminates the need for harsh oxidizers and chemicals, it extends the life of pool equipment and accessories, doesn't turn color treated hair a hideous green tint and will not fade colors of swimwear. Further, the natural mineral purified pool water minimizes the risk of chipped or broken pool liners because it has nothing harsh to break down these materials. Bioniser also reduces salt build-up on tiles and decks, and it eliminates run off damage to accessory foliage and shrubs. Most pool owners claim, electronic water purification systems very quickly pay for themselves, and swimming pool contractors routinely report their electronic purification systems save them thousands in chlorinator repairs, maintenance and costs of parts. This savings is in addition to the $1000 or more per year saved on pool chemicals.

Bioniser is safe, non-toxic, healthy and economical. The number one pool ioniser revolutionizes swimming pool and spa water treatment, maintenance and care. Never drain your pool's water again due to brackish water problems. In fact, Bioniser swimming pools do not share in such problems as those seen in chemically treated pools. In fact, you will never be a slave to your pool or spa again. Transform your swim pool into a natural water pool with Bioniser chlorinator replacement system and save not just your health but your bank account and enjoy a chlorine free swim. Bioniser restores health to your pool and spa as fast as one day. Visit our website for further information about Bioniser pool purifier system.

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