Chlorine Generator Salt  

by Pool Builders on 02-07-2011 in Articles

The chlorine generator salt water spa or hot tubs uses salt. Salt is added to the spa or hot tubs. The spa or hot tubs hygiene is being taken care of. If used in the right quantity, chlorine is safe to use as a sterilizing and sanitizing agent. You feel at ease with a guarantee that your skin will not dry out and crack.

To avoid viruses and infections, the water must be well disinfected because bacteria, like algae and insect larvae can easily increase and multiply in the water. To stop the spread of viruses and infections, hot tubs and spas must keep a low level of bacteria. Always bear in mind that even though the water in your spas or hot tubs are visibly clear, it is not free from bacteria. If you don't keep your water clean and you have poor water chemistry, you can still tolerate the microscopic organisms to infect the water in the spa and hot tubs with diseases.

The chlorine generator salt is the most pure form of chlorine and since it is already in continuously flowing water, there is no residue or deposits. The chlorine generator salt comprises a sequence of plates with incompatible electrical charges. These charges start a chemical reaction which releases chlorine from the salt and is called electrolysis. A saltwater chlorinator is needed to break the salt and turn it into chlorine. In water, the chlorine instantly becomes hypochlorous, which is its disinfecting form.

For the pools or spas to be safe for swimmers, the water must be tested regularly according to the International Organization for Standardization. Every time the swimming pool water is being tested it is required that a new chemical substance like a chlorine generator salt will be used. Spas and swimming pool water should be clean.

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