Chlorine Generators Aren't Ready for Public Pools Yet

by Pool Builders on 11-08-2010 in Articles

Chlorine Generator problems on public/commercial pools

Chlorine generators, commonly called salt water pools, don't work very well on commercial pools. Thousands of commercial pools have tried salt, most all have failed. There are several reasons for this. The main reason chlorine generators haven't taken off is there is not a payback. Typically if you spend $2000 on chlorine, you would spend about $10,000 for commercial quality chlorine generators. Other problems: corrosion is a very real problem, the generators can't keep up with busy pools, they require maintenance, salt, your electric bill will go up supplying power to the unit. Plus, most State codes require an alternative stand by sanitizer along with the generator.

Someday you will likely see more chlorine generators on commercial pools, just not now. The technology doesn't have a payback and the generators just don't do the job. When commercial pools have a payback and they perform as we as chlorine products they will take off. Think about it, why haven't they taken off? It's because of the problems. Who wouldn't want fee chlorine on not to have to deal with chlorine. They may work well for residential pools, but the technology isn't there yet for public pools.

If you are considering a chlorine generator for your public/commercial pool consider the following:

- Get public references in your area. Make sure the references have used this make and model generator for at least three to five years. Try to get ten to twenty references. If the company can't provide this you better be careful.

- Calculate how much you spent on chlorine over the last two to three years and come up with an average. Compare this to what the initial cost is on the generator and the life expectancy of the generator. Sure all chlorine products have additional costs related to the product. Generators have salt, replacement cells, electricity, corrosion to your pool fixtures such as lights, anchors, heat exchangers, etc.

- If the company claims you will save money over chlorine, have them back this with a written guarantee. For example, "if you aren't completely satisfied with the unit after six months, we will issue a full refund on the generator."

In summary, the units don't have a payback, and just can't produce enough chlorine on busy public pools to keep them safe to swim in.

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