Chlorine Pool Tablets for Swimming Pool Sanitation  

by Pool Builders on 10-13-2011 in Articles

As every family can tell you who owns a swimming pool, it is an exciting place to be on hot summer days. But owning a pool is not all peaches and cream to be sure. Most new owners are surprised by the amount of work and maintenance involved in maintaining a sparkling and clean pool environment.

One of the most important methods used for cleaning swimming pools is the process which utilizes chlorine pool tablets. This chemical acts as a sanitizing agent which kills bacteria and also prevents the growth of algae. Without the chlorine tablets, bacteria and algae would proliferate in the pool making it unusable in unsafe. It is in fact this chemical that keeps the pool sparkling clean.

One of the easiest ways which owners use for sanitizing their pool is to buy chlorine pool tablets in a 3 inch form. These can easily be placed in floating devices which can be regulated with respect to how much water enters and leaves them. As they float around the pool, these floating chlorine tablet dispensers automatically release the chemical into the water for sanitizing.

This is the most common practice used by small pool owners. Those with larger swimming pools usually find this method not adequate in properly maintaining the chemical levels of the pool. In these cases, the granular version of chlorine is often used in a mechanical device that is connected with the pumping system. This is more efficient and more practical with larger amounts of water which require more accurate levels of chemicals on a regular basis.

No matter which version of chlorine one uses, there are a wide for writing of home and department stores which sell this and other pool supplies. Of course when purchased in small quantities, the costs can be prohibitively expensive. In most cases, owners will want to buy the chemical in large case lots such as and 50 pound buckets. This is the cheapest method of buying the chlorine.

There are also online pool supply sites which carry the chemical. Oftentimes, these sites offer free shipping of orders over a certain amount. Be sure and compare prices between these online stores and your local home improvement store. Oftentimes you will find the pricing online to be more inexpensive than even the chlorine tablets carried locally by department stores. Also, be sure when you comparison shop that you are comparing the weight of the entire package and not just the number of chlorine tabs in the box. Some manufacturers make the individual tabs smaller in size and thus the number of products in each box is greater.

Lastly, always remember that chlorine is a dangerous chemical and should be kept away from children. Even the floating devices one uses in small swimming pools can be dangerous to children and they should not be allowed to play with them while swimming.

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