Chlorine's Health Risks Inspire Alternative Pool Sanitation Systems

by Pool Builders on 02-15-2010 in Articles

Summertime is here and the pool has never looked more inviting. On a sunny San Diego day there is no better place to be than in your pool, relaxing with your family and friends. However, many people are unaware that if there is chlorine in your pool water, this beloved pastime could have very serious consequences. Everyone knows that chlorine is not perfect. It smells bad, stings your eyes, and bleaches your hair, clothes, and towels. On top of that, no one likes lugging gallons of chlorine home from the store or paying a pool technician to perform this simple yet inconvenient task. What the general public doesn't understand is that this problematic chemical is actually incredibly dangerous.

Chlorine has been proven to damage lung tissue and cause eight different types of cancer, including breast and testicular cancer. It also permanently damages the central nervous system, causes respiratory problems, and has even been linked to childhood asthma. Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that the level of chlorine in your swimming pool is 1000% over the level deemed minimally safe by the EPA in water. If you use chlorine in your pool, you are putting you and your family in unnecessary danger and should investigate pool sanitation alternatives.

Revolutionary new pool cleaning systems have spawned from NASA technology and provide the only known method of chemical-free sanitization. These pool systems use both oxidation and ionization, making it superior to systems that only use ionization. Ionization alone does not address the problems of body oils and suntan lotions and does not control stains. Oxidation is required to handle your organics. These systems offer unsurpassed technology with ionic purification, a two-stage process: first, the catadyne process that is similar to ionization and, second, the anodyne process with chemical-free oxidation. Water balance is much easier to maintain, staining is eliminated, and no chemicals are needed for disinfection.

These systems are low- to no-maintenance, with several models to suit your budget and lifestyle. They only take a few hours to install and cost less than one dollar a month to operate, but will leave your pool sparkling clean. Your pool could be much more like a pond-clean and chemical-free. Many of the available models are backed up with a five-year product guarantee and all systems will eventually pay for themselves.

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