Choices For Your 2012 Custom Pool Deck Options

by Pool Builders on 12-13-2012 in Articles

There is a wide array of choices for those who are looking for the best 2012 custom pool deck options. As dedicated homeowners know, one of the biggest trends in outdoor design and architecture can be shown through a decorative pool deck. It becomes a central feature of any summer activity and must therefore have a refined and inviting atmosphere for all guests and owners.

In creating custom pool deck decorations, concrete has been one of the best options for the material used. Decorative concrete easily complements the exterior of the home with the natural outdoor environment, while at the same time reproducing the look of high-class and exotic material such as stone, slate, or even wood. Concrete today is extremely flexible and the limits to its application are only bound by the imagination of those who are involved in the process of putting it into a well-loved home. Here are some ideas for those garage floor coatings.

One of the most common finishing for swimming pool decks is the concrete washed aggregate. Also known as seeded concrete, this type of finish can be tinted to take on any color and design for that customized look. Although this kind of surface is not as soft on the feet as most would want because of the usual use of stones, it is widely popular because it definitely goes well with just about any type of coping.

Another popular look for custom pool decks is done with the concrete with salt finish. This surface design is often used in lagoon type pools because it has a natural rustic and aged look that also goes well with dark colored plasters. The finish is smoother than the usual concrete washed aggregate, but it is still safe because of the salt texture that renders it as non-slip. Concrete with salt finish is also made with the color mixed in with the concrete so that even if the pool deck is scratched or damaged, the color will still remain the same. As with most concrete finishing, salt, finish concrete can be mixed with most any color for that custom look. If you plan on applying a salt finished deck, make sure that the color of the concrete matches the rest of the materials used for the pool otherwise it might lead to an aesthetic disaster.

A third choice for custom pool deck options is the spray deck. Spray decking involves a thin cement based surface that is usually applied with a standard pattern or a complex design with multiple patterns and shape. This wide range of decorative options makes spray decking an ideal choice for pool deck customization. It can be matched to various textures and patterns, and is a low-cost upgrade for that seeded or salt finished deck.

With all these affordable alternatives available, garage floor options need not be a headache and a large investment. Homeowners can now enjoy design with practicality and function, all through their customized pool deck that is ready for summer or any other occasion.

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