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by Pool Builders on 08-09-2010 in Articles

Owning an in ground swimming pool is a great way to cool off and relax during those hot summer days. Keeping your pool clean, however, demands a great deal of maintenance, as cleaning pools is a very hard job. There are many aspects of keeping a pool clean, but the most important one is a swimming pool filter.

Pool filters are the most useful and easiest way to keep a swimming pool clean so it lasts for a long time. In addition, they are not too hard on a wallet, and do not need to be cleaned very often. This is beneficial when there is not a lot of time available to maintain it. When choosing one, there are three types that are used: cartridge, sand, and DE filter.

Cartridge filters are the easiest, and the most inexpensive filter to use for an in ground pool. They work by pushing water through the filter, and as the water travels through, the filter snatches hold of the debris. This type of filter does not clog up easily, and will last for a long time. Remember that pool filters still need to be cleaned, and cartridge filters should be cleaned once or twice every season.

DE filters are a unique type of filter that uses diatomaceous earth, and have the ability to filter out small pieces of debris. This type of filter is reinforced with plastic grids made of a plastic like substance, that lies over the fabric. The diatomaceous earth is used to screen the plastic grid, and to filter out debris from the pool.

The last kind of filter is the sand filter, which uses a unique type of graded sand. It works by pushing the water through a tank and diffuser, and as water goes through the sand, the filter takes hold of the debris. The water then continues to go to the bottom of the filter without debris, and is then delivered back up to the pool.

Finding a good swimming pool filter is an essential tool for keeping a pool clean. With a filter, you can enjoy your swimming pool, without having to clean your pool out too often. Out of these three filter options, there is a fit for every pool and every budget. Having a pool filter is a great investment, and the easiest and most useful way to keep your pool clean.

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