Choosing An Above Ground Swimming Pool - Make Sure It's The One For You

by Pool Builders on 02-20-2011 in Articles

When it comes to choosing an above ground swimming pool, the choices you have are now wide and varied. Varying from a twelve foot easy set pool that can be bought for less than a hundred pounds and installed in one day, through to large oval framed pools that can take a whole weekend to install, and cost several thousands of pounds.

Either way an above ground swimming pool will be up and running far faster and at far less cost than an in-ground pool.

At the lower end of the market are easy set pools. These are very, very simple to get working, you simply inflate a rubber tube that goes around the edge of the pool. You then fill the pool with water and the tube floats up as the water rises.

The next step up for larger round pools, are ones with galvanized steel panels that simply clip together, you then install a liner inside the pool (The liner clips to the top of the metal panels) and fill it with water.

Now moving up a gear, you can buy very large oval above ground swimming pools, and at the top end these can be as large if not larger than an above ground pool. They will feature support pillars, which will need fixing in place.

Unlike an easy set pool which can be assembled in minutes, an oval framed above ground pool can take two people a weekend to assemble, but bear in mind that it might take three weeks to build an in-ground pool of the same size!

So the choices of above ground swimming pools are varied but there is one available to suit every budget.

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