Choosing Between In-Ground Pool Covers - Helpful Shopping Tips

by Pool Builders on 05-25-2010 in Articles

In order to secure the safe bathing of your family you have to have excellent swimming pool maintenance. You know that you have to clean the walls and the filter regularly and to keep the pH of the water within the healthy limits. Putting a cover over the tank to protect the pool during the autumn and winter is also an effective way to maintain the facility. There are numerous models that you can choose from on the market, but this is not an easy task. That is why it is best to use a quick guide on buying in-ground pool covers.

The size and the shape matter a lot. You have to make sure that the cover will go over the entire length and width and all the corners of your swimming pool. This is the only way in which it can provide effective protection. The majority of models on the market have standard dimensions. They are usually designed for rectangular pools. So, you have to measure your tank and base your choice on its dimensions. If you have a uniquely shaped pool you can readily get a triangular cover that will fit. Alternatively you can do a more extended search looking for a more specifically shaped model.

The material the in-ground pool covers are made from determined many of their qualities. It is essential for it to be weather resistant. Generally, you can choose from vinyl and mesh covers. The former offer better protection from leaves, smaller debris and insects as the material has microscopic pores. The vinyl has excellent durability and is quite strong. The mesh covers can potentially let any tiny debris inside the tank. But all models and the commercial grade ones in particular can sustain quite heavy loads. These covers can resist the pressure of a very thick snow cover. So, if you live in an area with lots of trees and bushes you can readily opt for a vinyl model. If there is heavy snowfall during the winter you might readily consider a mesh one.

There are three types of in-ground pool covers in terms of operation. You can opt for a model that requires manual installation. You can also opt for a semi automatic model which stays on a special roll on the side of the pool. The fully automatic covers are powered with electricity. You need to push a button to roll them over the pool. Make your choice in line with the cost of each option.

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