Choosing Between Salt Water and Chlorine Pools

by Pool Builders on 07-31-2010 in Articles

There are innumerable arguments and disagreements as to what is the most viable investment when it comes to chlorinated pools or using salt water instead of chlorine. The main factors given emphasis on this topic involve health concerns, maintenance and costs among others. Since there is no clear cut outcome as to which is really the most beneficial choice, only you could decide which of the two works for you according to your needs and preferences.

There are however salient points to know and consider when you are dealing with this kind of issue or argument. For instance, it is important to know the distinct features of the pools as well as their strong points and weaknesses.

Saltwater pools for instance make use of dissolved salt instead of the chemical chlorine tablets for the cleansing or purification of the pool water. The equipment used for the sanitation process of the water is the salt chlorinator unit. This works through using electrolysis in order to break down the salt and eventually add the salt to the water. It is important that the salt-to-water ratio of the pool is basically maintained as well as the pH levels of the water.

The advantage of saltwater pools is that it is less maintenance as well as less demanding in its overall cost. If you have an existing pool and you want to convert it into a saltwater pool, it may actually cost a much bigger budget in your initial installation of the salt system. However this is only at the beginning because you will certainly get the return within the next one to three years.

Pools with saltwater treatment are likewise free from byproducts or chemicals which you usually encounter with chlorinated pools. In fact, salt is a safer and more natural component and which does not harm your skin and hair even with long swimming or stay in the water.

Chlorine pools on the other hand are the most common options which modern pools are built in the contemporary home. As the name implies, chlorine tablet is used in order to sanitize and cleanse the pool water. You use a pump unit or a floating disbursement device in which to add the chlorine tablets which are diluted over time and dissolves in the pool water.

The advantage of this kind of pool or cleaning system is that chlorine substances clear up bacteria in a much higher percentage compared to its saltwater counterpart. The system is likewise known to be a much quicker way of purifying the pool water compared to using the saltwater based purification system. It is also a lesser arduous work of cleaning and easily operated since you will only add tablets to the water system and wait for the chemicals to dilute and clean the water without much efforts in your part.

Is it saltwater or chlorinated water system that you need in your home pools? The only person who could answer your query is actually you. Geared with the right knowledge and information, you could determine which option truly works best for you.

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