Choosing Pool Floats

by Pool Builders on 07-06-2008 in Articles

Putting in a swimming pool is something many people look forward to for a long time before they are able to do it. People who put in their first pool may not realize that pool floats can make their experience even more enjoyable. Even those who have always had a pool sometimes do not think about what relaxation they could get from using pool floats. Anyone with access to a pool would benefit from getting them.

Many floats look very similar, but there are some differences that may not be so noticeable. The sizes do not vary much. Most are either 25 by 70 inches or 26 by 72 inches. However, floats that are smaller than this are usually not appropriate for adults to use for lounging.

Thick foam floats are the way to go. They are sturdy and buoyant. Any inflatable pool floats are not as comfortable or as durable for the long term. You can get foam floats with a variety of surface textures, such as smooth, rippled, or honeycomb. A glossy vinyl coating will help to resist the damages caused by the sun, chlorine, and salt water.

Consider floats with special features. Some can be adjusted to different positions for floating on the water, lounging on the side of the pool, or for use as a chair. Some have beautiful screen printing on them. Some floats roll up into a specially made carrying case so that you can carry them to the beach or a friend's pool.

Choosing pool floats is fun and easy. Be sure to look for quality. A manufacturer's warranty is a good sign. Find all the features you are looking for and then select the color you like. The pool will be a more relaxing place if you can lounge on pool floats when you are not swimming.

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