Choosing Proper Tiles for a Swimming Pool Is Very Important  

by Pool Builders on 05-24-2013 in Articles

Swimming pools are not only useful for them who use it for the daily basis and spend a lot of time in the water to make them fit and healthy but also for them who are not gold medalist in swimming but love to spend some quality time by dipping inside the water or sitting beside it, taking a good sunbath and a swimming pool adds luxury to the living space. There are various types of swimming pool with different shapes and sizes and because of the globalization and fast development of society swimming pool has become a common and essential thing to most of the peoples' lives. Today it is quite common to find pools in schools, hotels, resorts and society complexes. Initially the fashion of having a swimming pool is applicable for a certain amount of people who are considered as the rich people but with the passage of time it has also spread among all the people of different financial backgrounds and people begun to accept it as a welcome add-on to their ever changing lifestyle.

Coming to the basics, the construction of a swimming pool matters mostly of its use whether it is for personal use or public use hence the sustainability of the pool depends on its construction and now a days, it is also important to decorate the swimming pool as a proper way. To decorate the pool what matters most is the tiles that would be used as base and sidewalls. Everyone has different choice. So he needs to identify how to decorate the pool by choosing proper tiles of particular shape and size.

Now a day, different types of pool tiles are available in market. But before buying the tiles you should have proper knowledge of advantages and disadvantages of each type of tiles. One among the various types is glass tiles, this type of tiles has unlimited way of application, but it adds a finesse to pools. With the use of effective spot lighting, color mosaic tiles can turn the most undesirable of areas into stunning and dazzling works of art. This type of tiles also comes with different shapes such as square, rectangular, round, elliptical and many more. But glass tiles introduce complexities to the installer. Since glass is more rigid than ceramic or porcelain tile, glass tiles break more readily under the duress of substrate shifts.

Another type of fashionable pool tile is available in market, mosaic tiles. Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. This is also one type glass tiles but has some improved qualities than glass tiles. Mosaic tile are suitable for both internal and external applications, as they are impervious to frost, sunlight, and water. They are easy to clean, maintain, and they never discolor, making them perfect for a tile backsplash or other high use areas. They will continue to keep their dazzling appearance for many years to come.

Keep one thing in mind; it is always better to choose first than regret later. So be careful about all these points while taking a call on swimming pools decoration.

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