Choosing Swim Wear to suit your Body Shape  

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2009 in Articles

It is never too early to start thinking about summer, if we have one this year! You may be jetting off somewhere hot this summer or just hoping for some sunshine in this country, either way you will want to look your best on the beach or by the pool.

The shops are already stocking swim wear and what a choice there is! Possibly too much choice! However once you have ascertained colours, styles and patterns that suit you, you may find the choice more limiting. This is not a bad thing. It will save you so much time if you can eliminate more than half the choice without even having to take your socks off!

First think about your scale. If you are over 5'10" with medium to large bone structure, you need patterns that are quite big. The reverse is true for petite women and anybody in between should stick to a medium pattern. In other words; match your pattern size to your scale.

Second think about the pattern itself. If you are a curvy shape, either "hourglass" or "round, you should go for curvy patterns such as flowers or paisley. If you have a more angular shape such as "rectangle" or "lean column", stripes, checks or geometric patterns are more flattering. "Triangles" may want to "mix and match" with a plain lower half and patterned upper half and the reverse for "inverted triangles".

Third think about costume style. Is a one piece or a bikini more flattering? A two piece bikini is often more flattering, especially for those without much waist definition. Believe it or not the expanse of flesh between to the two bits of material can be more slimming.

For those women who are small busted, it is important to get some detail to this part of the swimwear, either with pattern, colour or detail such as frills or ties. Avoid halter necks if you are narrow shouldered, these should be reserved for "inverted triangles" who have broad shoulders and narrow hips. Those with narrow hips can add detail to the bottom half with side ties or belted styles around the hips.

If you are long in the body, a tankini may be the answer if you prefer not to wear a bikini. A tankini will be more comfortable and give more freedom of movement without exposing the middle area. Short legs can be "elongated" with a higher cut and boy shorts should be avoided at all costs.

If you still feel shy about exposing your body on the beach in swimwear, find a beautiful sarong in colours that suit you and tie it around your waist or hips or even under the arms.

Wearing swimwear that really suits your body shape and colouring will increase your confidence and therefore increase you enjoyment of time spent at the beach or by the pool. All you need now is high factor sun cream, a stylish hat, cool sunglasses, a good book and cool drink by your side.

Time and money saved on swim wear can be spent on other accessories or perhaps a tasty sundowner by the pool!

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