Choosing The Right Pool Cleaner For Your Needs

by Pool Builders on 07-20-2014 in Articles

If you have a pool, you should make sure that you have the best pool cleaner in town. Pool cleaners come in many different types and sizes. You need to know which one you can use for your pool and how all of them work as well. Keeping your pool pristine takes a lot of careful work and plenty of time and dedication, but when you have the right type of cleaner on your side, anything is possible.

Different types of pool cleaners

There are many different types of cleaners for your swimming pool, both physical and chemical that can be used.

  • Random pattern. This type of motorised cleaner follows a pattern that is dictated by the hose. This is the most common type of pool cleaner that you can find and is usually very useful when it comes to cleaning larger pools. With this cleaner, however, you need to make sure that it is used in a pool that is rather curvy, with no angular lines.
  • Geared cleaner. If you have got a pool that has quite a complex shape and needs in depth cleaning, you should get a geared cleaner. This cleaner uses the cogs and levers in its gearbox to navigate around the pool. You can leave it unsupervised and it will simply do its job with maximum efficiency.
  • Apart from the robotic cleaners, you will also need chemicals to clean the pool. These chemicals usually work in conjunction with your robotic cleaners and the filtration system that you have installed in your pool. Here are some of the chemical pool cleaners that you will need:
  • Hydrochloric acid. This is one of the most popular pool cleaners that exist - as it is one of the most efficient and affordable available on the market today. This acid, when put into the pool in small doses, is a powerful algaecide and overall cleaner. It is an ideal option for pools of all shapes and sizes. The acid scrubs the pool in its own way and, therefore, is one of the best ways in which to keep your pool sparkling all year round.
Chlorine. This is another pool cleaner that you need in order to keep your pool water clean and safe for the whole family. It is fast acting and will help tremendously when used in conjunction with the hydrochloric acid. It also helps to keep that green look at bay.

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