Choosing The Right Pool Cover For Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 08-29-2010 in Articles

If you have a swimming pool, you need a safety cover - it's that simple. But they're more than just safe; they're practical, convenient and attractive. If a pool cover is measured, crafted and installed properly, it can actually be pleasant to look throughout the cold season.

The type of cover you need depends largely on the type of pool you have. Do you have a standard rectangular pool? Or is it a custom shape? Does it have a spillover hot tub? Where do you live? In the suburbs? In a rural area? The answers to these questions will determine what kind of cover you eventually buy. Talk to a pool service professional for help. If you do, he or she will probably help you narrow your choice down to a number of options:

Mesh safety covers. Of all the types of pool cover, this is the most common, largely because it's been around the longest. In the short term, the mesh cover is the most economical. But because of the type of weave in these covers allows plenty of sunlight to penetrate to the water's surface, allowing algae to bloom more efficiently. Mesh covers are cheap and fairly easy to install, but you might lose any money you save when you have to buy algaecide or shock treatment.

Ultra-mesh covers. These is a lot like standard mesh covers, but with a more tightly-woven mesh. It's a little more expensive than a mesh cover, but it blocks almost all sunlight, so algae can't thrive underneath it. It also retains the benefit of being lighter and simpler to install. Because they're made of polypropylene and not vinyl, they tend to last longer (as do their warranties).

Solid covers. These guarantee no algae, since they're absolutely light-tight. They're much more expensive and are much heavier than standard mesh covers, so they're harder to install and put away. They also get dirtier faster, and are more difficult to clean.

Solid covers with drain panels. These are designed to drain rainwater away from the panel so it doesn't get weighed down; they're also useful to pool owners who have pets, as dogs and cats tend to run across pool covers (and a cover with a drain in it keeps your pet from tracking water into the house on a cold day). Talk to a pool service professional to learn how you can buy the right kind of drain for your pool. Get the wrong kind, and you run the risk of a drain that constantly clogs with leaf litter and other yard waste.

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