Choosing an Above Ground Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 06-28-2009 in Articles

With the internet now one of our favourite methods of buying goods, it has become easy to make quick decisions and buy items within minutes. This is great for small things, but for something of the size and cost of an above ground swimming pool you need to take a more measured approach.

It's important to decide whether you want an above or in ground swimming pool as there are large differences in the cost as well as how you use it. For an in ground pool it may look better, but building it will be a lot more effort and will also cost much more in many cases. There will be a long delay from ordering it to using it also so you'll need to plan for around 6 months or even a year in advance to get it.

Above ground pools don't have this problem, and have the benefit that they can be erected and taken down if they are only needed for a short period of time. The down side is they don't look as good and they can only be bought in a limited number of shapes and sizes whereas an in ground pool can be built to exactly your specifications.

Ultimately you need to work out what you want from a pool and then decide which type, design and size is best for you. If you are planning on moving out soon for example an above ground pool will definitely be for you, while if you are staying for a long time in your house and can afford an in ground pool this might be the better option.

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