Choosing the Best Hotels on the Beach for Your Vacation  

by Pool Builders on 01-04-2012 in Articles

Whether it be for a romantic getaway for two, a vacation for the whole family, or just because, spending time on the beach is always a relaxing vacation idea. Because the United States is nearly surrounded by ocean or Great Lakes, there is a beach within a days drive from much of the country and there are many types of hotels on the beach.

Some of the most common types of hotels on the beach are:

-- Condos. When you stay in a condo you are usually getting a multi-bedroom space that ranges anywhere from 500 to 3000 square feet, depending on the space you need. You can prepare your own meals in your full kitchen with all appliances and dishes. You also commonly have a full kitchen area. Most come with multiple bathrooms and you can often get an in-room hot tub. These types of rooms are usually the kind you would see as timeshares or vacation club rentals, though you don't always have to be a member to rent them.

-- Vacation Homes. When you rent a vacation home for your vacation you are usually getting luxurious accommodation and the privacy that only a vacation home can offer. The accommodations are similar to a condo, but often include a private swimming pool and beach access. Housekeeping services are usually once a week, but you can order it more often if you desire. Because of their multiple bedrooms and private swimming pool, hotels on the beach with these amenities are perfect for a larger family.

-- Hotels. When your beach vacation includes a hotel, it usually comes with all the usual hotel amenities. These include a bathroom, one or two beds, and often a balcony or deck that many times overlooks the beach. There is usually a public pool, jacuzzi and beach access. This is usually the most economical vacation rental and is meant for people who are in the area for a very short amount of time or don't plan on spending too much time in the room.

When you are looking for your hotels on the beach the first thing you should do is research the many vacation properties that you have to choose from. Once you have a list of possible destinations, you need to refine your preferences. Once you have decided on what amenities and preferences you want, you need to check the availability and reviews of the rentals, then contact the owners to confirm the availability of the properties.

If you have chosen hotels on the beach, condos or vacation rentals, you will then need to sign a rental contract and pay your damage deposit. Your vacation rental is now complete and you can look forward to your amazing trip.

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