Choosing the Best Place For Your New Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2010 in Articles

A swimming pool at home will be a good idea, health-wise, pleasure-wise, and appearance-wise. It is good to be able to do a few laps whenever you feel like, instead of having to walk or drive to a pool carrying swimming gear, and having to submit to their timings. You will be able to entertain your guests also well by having a swimming pool at home.

An outdoor swimming pool can be made pretty grand, with a diving board, water features, and slide. And if there is good landscaping around it as well, it will be perfect. Or you can opt for an indoor heated pool, which can provide its own cozy comfort of a different type.

Your choice will have to depend on various considerations like the climate of the place, the budget you have set, and your lifestyle in general.

Climate considerations

A pool in the backyard will be an ideal choice for those who live in places that are not too cold. If severe winter is restricted to just about four months, the remainder is enough to use the outdoor swimming pool well.

Plus you will be free of the expenses and problems associated with maintaining an indoor one. But the option will not work for people living in colder climes with longer winter months. For them it will be best to have a heated pool inside where they can take their laps even if there is a feet of snow outside.

Then there will be privacy concerns for some who may not like to swim in places visible to others. There will be security concerns or health concerns for others who may prefer to swim within their home in warm waters, rather than lock the home and go outside to swim.

Maintaining indoor pools

Heated indoor swimming pools are surely more expensive than outdoor ones, but if it is just a onetime heavy expense, everyone may not feel it a big problem. But the maintenance of an indoor pool is an ongoing job.

Maintaining hygiene in an inside heated pool is more difficult than doing it at a backyard pool. And having a water body inside a home, however small it is, will raise the humidity levels. Dehumidification will be a continuing job because increased moisture in any place makes it conducive to the growth of mold and mildew.

Since water will have to be chlorinated, the chlorine that evaporates to the interior of the house can cause damage to certain parts of the building. A proper climate control system is thus mandatory for having an indoor pool. Before you venture to have an indoor swimming pool, you must be confident that you can tackle all the additional maintenance requirements.

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