Choosing the Best Pool Liner For Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-12-2009 in Articles

Last year, we decided to invest in a swimming pool. One might think that the hardest decision was what size pool to have or whether to purchase an above ground swimming pool or an in ground pool. Conversely, we spent more time deciding which style pool liner we wanted. We never dreamed there would be so many different choices.

Swimming pool liners can change the whole look and feel of a swimming pool. For example, there are aquarium pool liners that have vibrant colored fish. There are also boulder style liners that make it look like the water from the pool is splashing up against a pile of rocks, like it does at the beach, for example. These are just a couple of examples of the many different "themes" of pool liners. Whoever came up with the idea that someone might purchase a liner that varied from the traditional blue pool liner was brilliant.

Pool liners also come in overlap, overlap-expandable, and beaded styles. An overlap swimming pool liner is fit to the pool and the excess liner "overlaps" the side of the pool. The coping strips are placed on to hold it in place and the top cover for the side of the pool is put on last. The overlap-expandable liners work the same way but are designed for pools that have more than one depth. Lastly, beaded pool liners are probably the easiest to replace. They fit into either a J hook receiver or a standard bead receiver, with the liner simply clicking into the receiver.

To protect your liner from damage from rocks, root grass, and other harmful elements of nature, it is advisable to purchase a liner protection system that goes into the pool before you install the liner. These protection systems can add life to your swimming pool liner and also extend the original warranty of the liner if bought together.

A swimming pool is an investment you only make once or twice in your lifetime and the pool liner only needs to be replaced every 20 years or so unless something unusual happens. Therefore, when deciding which pool liner to use for your pool, take your time and browse the various styles and color themes of liners available to you.

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