Choosing the Decking For Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 06-03-2007 in Articles

When you are planning to have a swimming pool built in your garden its understandable to get excited about it and lending all your thoughts to the design and type of pool. It's human nature and happens often but try to spare some thought for the landscaping of your garden after the pool contractors have gone and also the type of pool decking that will best suit your needs.

When deciding on a deck to finish off your new swimming pool remember your decking is not there just as a means of entering and leaving your swimming pool. It will be a place to relax on a lounger or to entertain guests while you watch the kids playing in the pool.

If the pool and deck is to be in concrete it is often poured at the same time so that the deck is actually a part of the pools structure. It is then either left as is or can be tiled or have pavers laid on it and can incorporate a patio area for relaxing. You should choose a paver or tile that won't get slippery once it gets soaked. You can get composite swimming pool decking that is none slip and won't rot due to continual exposure to water. The decking for above ground pools is added after the pool is constructed.

Traditional pool decking

Wooden decking is still a favorite for above ground pools due to its natural look and feel. If you decide on a wooden deck it may be best to go for a hardwood. The initial cost is more but it will last a lot longer compared to a pressure treated softwood constantly getting wet. The deck can either just be on one side of your above ground pool or can surround the entire pool. Entrance onto the deck would be via a stairway built into the deck.

Alternatives to timber decks

Vinyl, aluminum and plastic decking are all now available for pool decking. The fact that there is no danger of rot setting in or termite attacks due to being constantly getting soaked makes them a good choice. Couple that with the fact they are virtually maintenance free and it is easy to understand why they are becoming more popular.

It will still be a while before these alternative decks become more popular than traditional wood when it comes to a normal deck build but around pools it may only be a matter of time. A wipe down with a cloth every now and then and they come up new. You can even buy them with a timber look imprinted into them so you get the best of both worlds.

Do It Yourself Decking

If you are handy with a saw, tape measure and the odd power tool then a self build will certainly keep the bank balance looking a lot sweeter. As with any large do it yourself project, check with your local building control officer to find out what specific building regulations apply to your area.

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