Choosing the Design of Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 09-16-2008 in Articles

Swimming pools for many years has been one of the most popular home improvement projects for homeowners. Swimming pools give families relaxation and hours of just water splashing fun. For kids and adults alike summers just would not be the same without an accessible pool where you can cool off during those sultry days. Because of swimming pools popularity, many pool designers have researched and developed different designs and options to meet the preferences and the budget of the homeowner. If you are in the market for a pool to add value to your home and for your family's enjoyment, knowing the types of pool designs available will help you choose the right design for your family and your budget.

The first decision you have to make is whether or not you want an in-ground pool or an above ground pool. You may know in-ground pools are very high dollar items. If money is not the issue the supply could be an issue. Depending on where you live you may have to be placed on a waiting list to get the pool you want. Then of course you know you will be paying a premium price for this pool. You could get an above ground pool and skip the waiting list, and save yourself some money in the process.

If your yard slants, you may want to install an above ground pool, which will look and work like an in-ground pool. You can use the money you have saved to have a deck built, which will be useful as a recreational area.

In-ground pools are made from one of the three materials, concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. Every one of these materials has their advantages and disadvantages.

The concrete is the most flexible and durable of the three materials, which has much to do with the reason it is the most popular pool. Concrete pools are the hardest and will take the most time to install.

The vinyl pool uses a vinyl lining, which covers a steel frame. Vinyl is almost as flexible as concrete, but it takes more attention to prevent the lining from getting torn or ripped. It is less expensive and much easier to install than concrete.

The fiberglass pool is a manufactured shell. A fiberglass pool is cheaper and easier to install than any of them and is more durable than the vinyl, however it is not flexible.

The difference in the conditions of the area you live in will play a large role in the design of your swimming pool and the cost. Concrete may be priced lower in the southern state, such as Florida, but will be much higher priced the farther north you travel. The harsh cold temperatures in the winter does not have an adverse effect on fiberglass, so it might be a better pool for the northern states where the temperatures can be extreme in the winter. By talking to a local pool designer you will be able to learn about the performance of the materials in the regions where you live.

If you are looking for luxury backyard ambiance, you will want to consult with your pool designer to have a customized pool created for your backyard. A pool will be created that is pleasing to the eyes and will blend into the dimensions of your property. The combination of a pool and spa can be expensive, but it will be cheaper than having them installed separately. Also waterfalls or fountains are the essence of creating a backyard oasis and can easily be design into your swimming pool. The possibilities are endless. Anything imagined accompanying a pool can be added into the design. Just check with your pool designer for your options.

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