Choosing the Right Floorings for Your Home  

by Pool Builders on 11-19-2013 in Articles

Building a new home or refurbishing an old one can be fun, exciting and also challenging. Nowadays, there are so many products available and the choices are wide. Get to know the product well before you buy it, so that you pay for the right product which is durable and long lasting.

Tiled flooring

Flooring gives a dramatic look to your home but it should be durable and functional. Various options are available for floorings. You can choose from porcelain, mosaic, hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, marble flooring, linoleum flooring, laminate flooring or vinyl flooring. The latest of these are porcelain tiles. These are ceramic and do not absorb water. Being water proof they can be used as flooring indoor as well as outdoor. The highly glossy and scratch resistant ones are recommended for counter tops. Glazed can be used for interiors and unglazed can be used for exteriors. The textured and imprinted with slightly raised surface can be used as anti-slip in bath rooms and other wet areas.

Ceramic tiles

Porcelanosa floor are the best ceramic tiles. Porcelanosa is a global company for the manufacture and has been a trend setter. They specialize in large size flooring and the edges are rectified so that there are minimal joint installations. This gives a very neat finish and it looks like one piece of flooring. The variety they offer is vast. Some of the varieties are metallic and textured finish, marble finish and real stone looking. Their new range has designs of high quality product and very durable. They manufacture for kitchens, bathrooms, home floorings and floorings for commercial purposes. Ceramic flooring in commercial spaces gives it a nice classy look.

Exquisite glass tiles

Sicis tiles are eminent in Italian mosaic and designs. Sicis is an art factory that manufactures glass mosaic. They design for swimming pools and their mosaic is a work of art. It is available in a wide range of dazzling colors and hues. Using sicis for the interiors of your home will definitely give your home a very and stylish look. It offers an unmatched shine and a unique look. They are mildew and stain resistant and their durability is quite comparable with the other.

Bisazza is another top luxury brand and manufacturers of world class glass mosaic. These mosaics are used for decoration of interiors and exteriors. Their designs are exquisite and elaborate. These glass mosaic look great when used as backsplash tiles. They reflect light. Bisazza mosaic is even made in gold and silver for that rich expensive look. These gold and silver are installed in exclusive designer homes.

Modern technology has revolutionized the flooring styles. These floors are easy to maintain and looks very elegant. They are also very durable and available in different shades and colors. Renovate your homes and install these exquisite to make your homes look beautiful and stylish.

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