Choosing the Right Flotation Devices for Your Next Swim Party  

by Pool Builders on 06-07-2009 in Articles

Today, you have as many types and styles of pool flotation devices to choose from as you do pools. There are large multi-person island lounges and there are single person swim rings. If you are searching for flotation devices for your next pool event, this article will assist you.

Pool lounges are the kind of flotation device that makes it easy for you to get an amazing tan while floating around the pool. You remain dry while floating lazily about the pool with these large, inflatable lounge chairs. A few of the more costly lounges come with built in sun shades and cup holders. While there are several types of water lounges available, they all have one thing in common: your comfort!

The best kinds of floating lounges are those that come fully cushioned. Just like regular lounge chairs, these lounges offer comfortable cushioned seats and back rests. To enable them to float on top of the water, they are set on big pontoons. These chairs normally have pillowed headrests as well, so it's easy to fall asleep while drifting in the pool.

Water hammocks are a great way for you to lie around in a swimming pool when the weather is hot and enjoy the cool, refreshing water at the same time. Water hammocks have two cylindrical floats which provide support for your knees and your head. Your body is entirely immersed in water as the rest of the hammock, made out of mesh or net material, hangs down in the water. If you would like to stretch out and relax in the cool water, without worrying about drowning, these lounges are for you.

You can purchase swim rings, which are donut shaped and are probably the cheapest and easiest pool flotation devices available. These rings have many uses and are perfect for small and large pools.

A great pick for pools that are larger is the island float. These islands are large, round, inflatable lounges with cushions and holders for your cups along the outer rim. The islands usually are constructed around an opening for swimmers to pop in and out. Pool parties and other social activities with large numbers of people require snack foods to be available for guests, making floating islands a great option.

Speaking of snacking, refreshment floats are a fun way to offer food and drink to your guests at your next pool party. These devices consist of a serving tray that floats through the pool, carrying food and drinks for your party guests while they swim and chat in the pool.

There will not be a problem locating all that you require for your next swim party with all of the sizes, styles, and types of flotation devices on the market today. Have fun!

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