Choosing the Right Goggles For Your Triathlon Swim

by Pool Builders on 03-10-2013 in Articles

If you are new to triathlon, the swim is usually the hardest part and selecting the right goggles can make this aspect easier for you. While you will find a vast array to choose from, don't be swayed too much by their colour or style- their design features to aid your vision during the swim is far more important. Here we look at the 3 factors you should take into account when selecting the right protection for your eyes during training and events:

Goggles that Offer Good Visibility
As important as it is to shield your eyes from physical or chemical damage while you swim, this mustn't get in the way of your visibility. Particularly if you will be swimming in open water, pick those with a larger sized and lower profile cup to allow greater visibility. Even if you will mainly be training in an indoor pool, ensure that you use the same pair during your preparation, as if you switch over to a different set on the day of an event, you won't appreciate the benefits, no matter how many features they offer.

The Importance of Fit
A pair of goggles that doesn't stay in place or are uncomfortable are of little use; they will act as a distraction and hinder your performance, particularly if you have a pair with prescription lenses. Fit is important if you will be swimming in lakes or the sea, as a wave can easily displace them if they aren't secure to begin with. However, a crowded pool at a leisure centre presents its own problems. Those with a seal will help them remain in position and prevent the entry of water. Select those which are easy to adjust while you are wearing them, as if they do get knocked out of place during a race you can easily restore them.

Extra Features
While you do not need to choose a pair with additional coatings, goggles that do have these can offer you advantages over competitors who have more basic lenses. If you will be swimming outdoors, a tint can help to improve visibility when it is bright and a protective coating against UV light is also a good idea. Those that offer anti-fogging prevent the buildup of frustrating condensation on the inside of the eye cups, which will otherwise impair how well you can see out of them. Scratch-resistant goggles will equally ensure that you have the best visibility possible.

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