Choosing the Right Pool Furniture

by Pool Builders on 06-07-2007 in Articles

Now that summer is here, you have probably already brought out your old pool furniture. Are you thinking of upgrading or replacing your existing outdoor furniture? Many people like the idea of having a resort look to their outdoor patio setting. The styles and choices are seemingly endless. Ideally, we can give you some tips and ideas to make the best choice possible for your pool and patio furnishings.

Do you want low maintenance or a very stylish furniture set? You can get low maintenance outdoor furniture that also looks good. Commercial grade resin furniture is inexpensive and low maintenance, and it looks good too. It is safe and economical too.

If you are going for a very stylish expensive look and are willing to spend the money on fancy outdoor patio furniture then bear in mind that not all expensive outdoor furniture is suitable for the home. High-end resorts may purchase the expensive furniture but due to the high maintenance, high cost and possible safety issues, this type of patio or pool furniture may just not be practical for the home.

When selecting your pool furniture it is important to pay attention to the elements. Good quality outdoor furniture must be built to withstand the rain, wind and sun. Pool furniture is made to withstand the chlorinated water of swimming pools as many people sit on the furniture after swimming in the pool.

You will need to take the comfort of the furniture into consideration. Unlike regular old patio furniture, you will likely be lounging on your pool furniture only partially dressed. Depending on where you live, you will probably be using your pool furniture only part of the year. It is important to choose furniture that will not get blown away during a summer storm. You will also want furniture that is light enough to be moved around and stored during the off seasons. Keep in mind the amount of storage space you have. You may need to purchase stackable furniture that does not take up a lot of storage space.

Here are some of the better types of pool furniture:

o Wrought Iron - resists rust

o Cast Aluminum - resists rust

o Resin Wicker - repells rain and lightweight

o Teak - durable and weather resistant

Outdoor wicker or rustic twig furniture can be scratchy and uncomfortable against bare skin, so if you are purchasing that type of chair, make sure you also purchase full size cushions for the seat and back. The cushion material should be quick drying foam and covered with a material that is sun bleach resistant and resists water and mildew. Rustic twig furniture looks good but it requires a regular sealant application.

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