Choosing the Right Pool Type for Your Home

by Pool Builders on 12-27-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools are great additions to homes; not only does it add value, but it makes for a great recreational activity. Even folks with small budgets can have an oasis in their backyards. The price range for pools can range between $500 and $20,000. On the lower end of the spectrum, you have the above ground pools, which are great for families who have smaller back yards or are unable to have one dug into the ground. The higher-end pools can be mid-sized to full-size Olympic style pools. The price you pay all comes down to the materials being used, the size, its shape and the landscaping that you desire.

Traditional In-Ground Swimming Pools

When you think of a swimming pool for the home, the first thing that comes to mind is an in-ground pool. It is the traditional ideal of pools and many would like to have, but can't afford. The cost-effective version of this pool is the vinyl-liner pool. Just like with a concrete pool, a big hole is dug in the ground and plumbing is installed, but instead of concrete, a vinyl liner is placed inside of the hole first. This is supported by frames made with plastic, steel, masonry block, wood or aluminum.

If any tears are made in a vinyl liner pool, it can be easily repaired, and in most cases without having to drain the water out. When a vinyl liner pool is well-kept, it can last as long as ten years. After that, it will need to be replaced. You will find that there are a variety of styles to choose from for vinyl liner pools today. Many people like them because they look great and are very durable. Some manufacturers allow customers to customize the size and shape of their pool.

Sprayed concrete pools are another popular in-ground type of pool. This is ideal for people who are looking to have an unusually-shaped pool created. These pools are created with a combination of materials known as Shotcrete or Gunite. This material is used and is reinforced by rods made of steel. It is then finished using a coat of plaster. In cooler climates, Gunite is known to withstand the pressures that are commonly caused by cold temperatures. The price range for these pools is determined by the area you live in, the type of soil your property has and any drainage problems it may have. Weather difficulties and the volume of the pool being built are also factors in pricing.

Fiberglass pools are also available as an in-ground pool option. These too come in different shapes and sizes, but it is required that you have enough space for a crane to get onto your property to install it. Some fiberglass swimming pools come with a vinyl or concrete bottom and fiberglass walls. These have a greater variety of sizes and shapes than the all-fiberglass swimming pools. Fiberglass pools give owners the advantage of easy maintenance, since it has a smooth surface, which is perfect for removing algae. When your pool gets old, you can have it resurfaced using fiberglass or another type of coating.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

For the cash-strapped, above-ground swimming pools can be purchased for much cheaper than in in-ground swimming pool. These pools have a shell that is made of a vinyl liner. The shapes of above-ground swimming pools are quite restricted, usually coming in oval, round and rectangular shapes. Majority are made with either steel or aluminum frames. Some people don't like the look of above-ground pools, but with the right landscaping designs surrounding it, it can look quite attractive.

What's also great about an above-ground swimming pool is that it can be assembled on your own, using the help of two or three other people. It comes in a kit and instructions. Basic tools are needed and can be completed within a day or so. You can even construct a deck to attach to it to make easily accessible and attractive.

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