Choosing the Right Pool and Patio  

by Pool Builders on 11-25-2014 in Articles

Pools are fantastic resources for recreation and exercise. If you're too busy or shy to go to a crowded gym or simply love the full-body cardio workout that swimming can give you, installing a pool on your property is a worthwhile enterprise. Pools can be designed in a variety of ways, depending on if you want one for laps, your family to play in, or a mix of both functions. You can also have a number of decorative customizations, including waterfalls, islands, and grottos. In order to get the best pool for your needs, you can research some of the myriad ways to make your dreams for your backyard come true. Read on to find out about ways that companies like ABC Pool & Patio in Torrance, CA, can help you find the right materials and plans.

Sizes and Styles of Pools

The first thing you'll want to do when planning a pool installation is to get a good idea of the size that you'll want. You will want to make sure your pool will be a good distance from any trees and from the back of your home. Especially if you have small children in the area where you live, you'll want to plan ahead in order to fence in your pool. Fencing the perimeter will also impact where you'll want to place your pool and your overall budget. You should also check to make sure that your backyard is zoned for a pool and that there are no electrical or sewer lines beneath the ground.

After your initial planning phase, you can think about what shape and size pool you want. Round pools might not be ideal for swimming laps. Rectangular pools are great for exercising, but they can be difficult to fit into the standard backyard. If you're a lucky person with a house situated on an overlook, you might be able to commission an infinity pool, which will perfectly align with the horizon for a great place to relax and look out at sunsets!

Adding Changing and Showering Rooms

Another great addition to any backyard with a pool is a room for changing and showering. If you have such a room attached to your home, a few additions can attach it to the patio for easy access. Other homeowners decide to create a separate, stand-alone room which may even include a sauna.

Picking the Right Furniture

No backyard pool would be complete without lawn chairs and umbrella tables. These can make lounging by the pool more comfortable and provide a surface for food and drink. You can choose from a range of furniture options, made from a variety of weather-proof materials that won't age terribly. There are numerous sets of pool and patio furniture that will prevent you from having to mix and match different styles. Stores like ABC Pool & Patio [] in Torrance, CA, can help you test out some of these furnishings and take measurements to make sure that everything fits in the area you have designated.

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