Choosing the Right Shape Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-03-2009 in Articles

It is always exciting when you have decided that you are going to put in a swimming pool in your backyard. Of course you need to know just how much space is available to do this and you're going to have to check what the proper specs are for the type of pool that you're going to end up picking out.

This brings us to another point as to what kind of pool are you actually going to put in? You will be surprised when it comes time to making your plans at just how many different types and shapes from which you are going to have to choose.

First of all you need to know whether you want to have an in ground or on above pool. Now if you are going to go for an in ground then of course you are going to be looking at a much steeper cost and you need to consider this and remember the aspects of the maintenance it is going to require as well.

If you are going to go for a swimming pool that is going to add to your landscaping and be a little bit more elegant looking than you want your basic straight-line pools. These are the ones that are pretty well traditional that you are used to seeing. These are easy for planning your poolside décor. These are called a geometric pool.

Pools in excess of 5 feet deep are meant just to cool off in and relax but they may be big enough to play some water sports. These are known as your Play pool.

Do you really want a pool that is going to add to your landscape architecture and be a little different? Then you want to consider the lagoon style pool. This one looks more natural as it has some rocks with it and some interesting design.

Individuals that like to swim as a form of exercise and training and do not have a great deal of room will usually go for the lap pools these are normally long and narrow and predominately used for laps.

Another interesting swimming pool is called the negative edge pool this gives the illusion that the pool is trailing off into the distance. One thing you must be aware of is these pools require the proper professional mechanics and engineering to put them in.

Then we have the spool pool. These are just great big spas and perhaps somewhat less expensive than a standard pool but not necessarily so. They are great for somebody that has a small backyard and wants some way to be able to enjoy water relaxation.

Then you have the overflow swimming pool and this is where the water level is the same as the deck and you see various water drains throughout the deck to help the water go back to where it should belong. Therefore, as you can see you have some decision-making ahead of you.

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