Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Pools  

by Pool Builders on 10-02-2014 in Articles

Pools are no longer those simple rectangular units that they used to be in the 50s. Today, pool design has evolved greatly and that isn't true just for the shape of the pool, but also when it comes to water features, tile integration and even landscaping ideas. As far as pool tiles are concerned, they have undergone extensive changes and now people have numerous and various choices, in terms of materials, colors, design and so on. From ceramic tiles to glass tiles, you will have to go through many, many options until finding the most suitable pool tile Redding alternative. Before you actually go shopping for tiles or searching for companies that do pool remodeling, you should take a little time and search the web for more information, as there are plenty of resources on the topic. You might even find a pool refinishing Redding company to do the job.

Due to the fact that the water in swimming pools is heavily treated, but also because tiles are exposed to very low temperatures, if you choose ceramic tiles for your pool, then you have to be very careful in choosing high quality products. Look for ceramic tiles that have been particularly manufactured for pool use. Tiles can completely change the aspect of your pool whether you use them for the waterline, for coping or raised bond beam. They can make any surface more attractive, not to mention low maintenance. Tiles are also resistant to discoloration, so pool tile Redding companies largely use them for water features. When it comes to colors, many people choose aqua blue tiles for the waterline, but the Spanish style tiles have also been quite popular in the past. Not long ago, people used to love solid colors that perfectly matched dark pool bottoms. However, these tiles had to be cleaned very often, so most people returned to the blue waterline tiles. In today's pool design industry, neutral tiles are the number one preference of many people and most of the pool refinishing Redding providers will recommend them. Not only are the easy to maintain and clean, but they can also blend easily into the overall design of your pool.

Luxury pools are now integrated glass tiles. These work perfectly with mosaic bottoms, offering a clear, iridescent aesthetic. This type of tiles can be used in warm climates, as Redding is, but also in cold ones, giving the pool a highly luxurious finish. However, doing an entire pool in glass tiles takes hard work, quite the time and also skill, because it's all in the installation, which is why it is important to search the market well when you look for pool tile in Redding and companies that remodel or resurface pools. There are also people who like using stone for the areas surrounding the pool, because as far as looks are concerned, stone is a great choice. But stone gets really hot, so porcelain tiles are a better suited alternative, because they don't absorb heat. They're great for waterline tiles, but also for paving the deck.

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