Christmas and New Year  

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2014 in Articles

Ok here we are again nearly in November and starting to think what we should be doing for Christmas and New Year, I have few suggestions some of which are good and some more energetic than others. The least energetic is to do nothing just stay at home and gobble up as much food and drink as you can, you might wake up with a bad stomach or a bad headache and regret the whole thing when you start new year, so let us find something a little bit more energetic, we could go on a hiking holiday, or skiing (fantastic) scuba diving, cycling or just walking somewhere in the country side.

We all have to do some shopping before the holiday that can be energetic and very stressful and instead of walking the crowded streets and shops you can do that at home at your leisure and at the same time you avoid all the stress of going to the big stores.

Now I have a very good idea that combines lot of these things and more, we could go to Iceland for the festive season, where you can swim in heated outdoor swimming pools all day long or swim in the Blue Lagoon with a little bit of luck you could see the Northern lights, you could definitely see a Geyser or two, an erupting volcano is a strong possibility, and New Year's eve in Reykjavik is something you will never forget, with Bonfires and fireworks like you have never seen before.

Something else you could do in Iceland and that is to walk between two continents. When you go to Thingvellir National park you will see the continental drift between the North American and the Eurasian plates in the crack and faults that traverse Thingvellir and the Reykjanes peninsula. Now if you are already in Iceland and want to go somewhere else then you will probably want to go somewhere more exotic, there are plenty of places to choose from.

Another grate way of spending the Christmas and New Year season is to go on a cruise and relax in tact with the waves and exercise in the gym or on the deck, modern cruise ships have been built on the maximum seagoing resort basis. That is to say, the restaurants, piano and sports bars, show lounges, gymnasiums, pools, spas, casinos, children's centres, coffee bars, jogging and walking tracks, libraries and card rooms have all been designed to offer unlimited choices for the passengers. There is literally something going on from early morning to the next early morning if you want it. The lost art of conversation has been re-discovered on-board cruise ships as there is no better vacation for meeting different people. With just a little effort, it's possible to meet folks from across the world, or even on occasion, from across the street. Many lifelong friends first met while cruising and today, conversation remains as one of the greatest benefits of taking a cruise vacation.

Whatever you decide to-do this holiday season make sure you enjoy it because tomorrow it is too late to enjoy today.

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