Clean Your Pool By Utilizing Best Sand Filters  

by Pool Builders on 02-20-2013 in Articles

For large outdoor and in-ground swimming pool, a significant part is to clean the pool and keep the water clean, recycled and eliminate pollutants. Earlier it was a hard labor to do complete the task, but now with the advent of various sand filters, you can find it easy to remove harmful pollutants like bacteria and algae from your pool.
Pool water is stagnant so it can easily turn into breeding grounds of bacteria and algae. These Filters eliminate all those impurities from your pool by cleaning and recycling the water, thwarting that attach of fungal diseases and others. These Filters are easy to install, low maintenance and long lasting. They are not so expensive and if you can spend large sum of money on pool, you must spend at $200 to buy a machine that will add more value for money.

Features of Sand Filters
These filters are more efficient than cartridge filter as it cleans minute dust, which cartridge filters can't do. This type of filter can last up to 5 years in average. This saves much money because you don't need to buy cartridge every summer.

Sand filters pumps are more robust than cartridge filters.

The 6-function control helps to maintain the filter pump system efficiently.

The 6 function settings are filtering, backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain and close system.

A daily timer helps you to manage hassle free function. The cleaning of this filter depends on the size of the pool. The filter pump has a strainer basket that collects the floating debris of the pool.

The sand filters are best suited for ground pools 18' and larger in diameter. The water carrying capacity of the pool is up to 21,200 gallons.

Most of these filters come with 2 year limited warranty.

Better than traditional cartridge filter
No need of back washing
Easy maintenance
Low price of replacement of sand

Cannot filter particles less than 30 micron
New sands are always better than old, so quick replacement is necessary.

Customers' Review
Most of the customers appreciate the light weight of sand filters and easy to clean. The back washing time is low and uses half of chemicals. Some say it fights cloudy water and make the water crystal clear. However, some complain it doesn't work for them. However, majority of people are happy with the way it cleans the water and collect the dirt in a separate bag.
Some use the filter more than 3 years and they don't have any complain about it. It requires fewer chemicals. The lower operating pressure makes vacuum to run better and less strain on the pump.

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