Clean Your Swimming Pool Perfectly Using These Effective Tips

by Pool Builders on 05-25-2010 in Articles

There are a lot of facilities that we can readily enjoy in our homes at present. The outdoor swimming pool is one of them. You love to play with your kids in the water and to relax on the deck with a refreshing drink in hand. But in order for everyone's pleasure to be full you have to maintain the pool extremely well. The cleaning should be effective and regular so that the safety of all bathers is guaranteed.

The removal of leaves and debris is the most basic for of cleaning. However, it is also an extremely important one. Any decaying plant material can cause fungal growth and infections. Moreover, the debris may clog the pump and affect its proper worn. They can cause permanent damage as well. That is why you need to remove the debris from your pool using a standard leaf skimmer net. It is also a good idea to clean the deck regularly.

You are highly recommended to cover your pool during the leaf falling season. In this way you will protect the tank from debris more effectively without having to clean it every day. There are all sorts of inground pool covers available on the market. You can get a manual or an automatic one or even a hybrid model depending on the level of convenience you want to have and on your budget. If you have a lot of trees and bushes surrounding your swimming pool areas and/or want to protect children and animals from falling into the water at all times, you might want to invest in a fully automatic cover that can be set over the tank with the push of a button.

The cleaning of the pool walls and floors once every week is crucial for the sanitization. It is essential for you to use a strong scrubbing brush or a powerful vacuum to remove all the dirt from the liner. You should star the cleaning from the walls and corners and scrub the floor in the end. You should devote more effort to scrubbing the areas that are hard to reach. These include the corners and the stairs of the pool.

In order to keep the water perfectly clean you have to maintain the filter of the pool regularly as well. Make sure that you clean it properly at least once every month. It is also a good idea to use a special water testing kit to check the pH of the water regularly so that you can maintain it within the safe limits.

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