Clean Your Swimming Pool with Ease with Pool Filter Cartridges  

by Pool Builders on 10-10-2011 in Articles

Cartridge filters have become the most popular options for pool owners. However, maintenance is proper required to enhance the overall performance and longevity of the filter.

As a proud pool owner, the first thing on your priority list is hygienic, clean and clear pool water in order to provide the bathers with a great swimming experience. However, you need to get your pool water cleaned up at regular intervals as pool water becomes contaminated with oil, dirt introduced by bathers and other debris like dry leaves, insects etc.

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Cartridge filters have proved to be one of the most economic ways to keep your pool clean. This kind of filters traps three times smaller dirt particle as compared to sand filters. Dirt gets trapped in the pleats of the cartridge which requires to be cleaned up twice or thrice during a season.

In order to find out when your Cartridge filter is bushed depends mainly upon three things first shorter cycle time between clean-ups, low water flow rate and high degree of difference in pressure, and disastrous failure such as a tear in the media or center core collapse.

For swimming pools, the pool cartridge filter requires cleaning when the pressure gauge placed outside the filter indicates a pressure above 8 PSI. For spas, you need to set up a regular cartridge-cleaning program based on the amount of spa usage.

Spa filter or pool filter cartridge cleaning requires following some very simple steps. However, one must go through proper instructions before the cleaning process. First of all, the physical dirt and debris should be rinsed off with water by making use of a garden hose held at 45 degree angle. Do not spray too hard on to the cartridge as this would allow dirt to drive deeper inside the membrane.

Since, the spa cartridges or the pool filter cartridges also accumulate perspiration, suntan lotions, and other oils are present, the cartridge element should be soaked in commercial filter cleaner or muriatic acid solution for at least an hour and overnight for best results.

Finally, rinse the cartridge elements thoroughly again with water to remove the left over oil, and the cleaning solution. Dry the cartridge filter in direct sunlight before reassembling the housing.

Washing and cleaning of the pool filter cartridges could be quite messy as well as time consuming. However, your cartridge pool filter would require replacement after three to four years of usage. When there is considerable fall down in the flow rate with pressure gauge indicating pressure more than 8 psi then your cartridge filter either requires cleaning or replacement.

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