Clean the Swimming Pool Conveniently With In-Ground Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 11-16-2010 in Articles

Making the swimming pool dirt-free is a serious thing to do and must be done every day so that it is available to use anytime. And cleaning might take time and effort.

In-ground pool cleaners are among the important cleaning supplies that the owner must acquire. This one piece of equipment is very useful for the maintenance and especially the cleanliness. It is an automatic type of equipment which is very useful for the owner.

Automatic in-ground cleaners are grouped in three categories: pressure-side, suction-side and robotic pool cleaners. Each of them belongs to a category and works differently but serves the same output, to make the swimming pool free from debris making it pleasurable and safe to swim.

Pressure-side in-ground cleaners work with the return-side of the pool. This cleaner uses additional booster pump for extra pressure and boost of water flow. It has its own filter bag that collects debris which lessens the work of the filter. However, this kind of cleaner is energy-consuming but the effectiveness of its function is somewhat a reason why it is popular for most pool owners.

The suction-side cleaners are attached to the suction-port of the pool. It vacuums and scrubs the pool surface around its walls and floor.

The robotic cleaners work separately from your pool's pump and filtration system. Cleaning the swimming pool using the robotic cleaner is very easy. You just need to connect the cleaner to the transformer and plug to the power source and the cleaner will do the cleaning.

Automatic in-ground pool cleaners are very useful. It makes cleaning process very easy. Plus, the fact that it provides convenience to the cleaning process makes these items to be one of the cleaning supplies that the owner must acquire so that it is always ready to use.

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