Cleaning Commercial Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 12-22-2011 in Articles

Commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada are often not as clean and hygienic as you want them to be. If you happen to own a commercial pool, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is clean and safe for users. Call in professionals from time to time to help you in sanitizing the pool. If the commercial pool is used on a regular basis, then it has to be cleaned at least once everyday. There is nothing that draws a swimmer's attention more than a pool with clean and glistening water!

Steps to clean commercial swimming pools

There are professional cleaners that you can hire to remove the dirt or debris from your pool. But here is a simple step by step guide to clean commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada sans their help. Your maintenance staff can be given this step by step guide in order to ensure that the pool is clean and safe.

Removal of debris

There are dirt and debris that are either floating on the pool water or settled at the bottom. So the first step is to remove this. There are many tools available to carry out this task. Nets are effective in removing the light floating dirt. Even leaf skimmers can be used. This will help in better circulation of water and clogging of debris in the bottom can be avoided.

Removal of grime

Grime refers to the dirt particles that have settled at the bottom of the pool. This is a little difficult to remove than the floating debris. It can clog the water inside the pool if present in large quantities. There are heavy duty pool vacuum cleaners available for this purpose only. Once you have removed the grime, use common brushes to scrub the entire bottom area and the sides once more. This way if there is still more dirt inside the pool, you can vacuum again and remove it.

Chemical content

Once you are done with removing dirt, call in the pool technician and have him check the Ph level of the water. Once you ensure that it is fine, get the chlorine levels checked. More chlorine content is dangerous to the health of the swimmers, because it may have harmful effects on skin and may cause irritation to eyes. More levels of chlorine can also cause hair loss for some people.

Changing the filters

Filters should be changed only when you find that there are harmful bacteria in them. But do not change them often because there are a few good bacteria that can prevent the dirt clogging in the filters.

These are a few tips that you can use from time to time in order to ensure that your pool is clean. In addition to these, you should change the pool water according to the local regulations. But it is advisable to change the water every 3 months. Take the help of professionals whenever needed to sanitize commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada and enjoy a good swimming experience.

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