Cleaning Green Pool Water

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2011 in Articles

Most of us get shocked when we discover that our once crystal-clear pool water has turned into swamp-like, green pool water. This is due to improper maintenance of your swimming pool as you will pay dearly when you missed a schedule cleaning as algae, dirt and debris will settle in your pool.

However, you don't have to fret as cleaning your pool water is an easy task to accomplish even without proper knowledge on pool cleaning. We have below simple steps on how to turn back your swimming pool water into its healthy state:

1. Use your shocking product on your pool to remove the stains and the algae with ease in preparation before you remove the dirt and debris from your swimming pool. If you don't have any product to use you can buy your preferred pool shocking product at your local store. I recommend using chlorine as it is much cheaper than any of the other products and does just the same cleaning effect as the expensive liquid shocks. Slowly add chlorine to your pool water and let it mix for a while and settle in your pool. You can run your pool filter for 24 hours or more depending on the work you need to accomplish.

2. Check your filtration system and make sure that you clean them regularly. A good filtration system will keep your pool water clean and clear of anything that will make it green and dirty. You can run this till you are satisfied with the result of your pool shocking activity.

3. Use your pool vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dead algae that you killed with your pool shocking product. The vacuum cleaners have vacuum heads that can be attached to your pool pole for an easy access wherever you want on your pool. Be thorough when you are suctioning the dirt, debris and dead algae on your pool. This job is as easy as it looks, however you need to make sure that you check the filter bag regularly and remove what it got from the pool. Your vacuum cleaner will not work properly when it gets clogged from the contents on its filter bag.

4. You will now see that your swimming pool and its water are improving. You can use your skimmer net to remove the floating leaves, debris or any unwanted things on your pool water. Make sure that you leave no leaves and debris as they will eventually sink at the bottom of your swimming pool which will stain your pool tile in the future.

5. Always cover your pool after every use or after you are through with your regular maintenance to avoid getting it all messy and green again. Covering your pool is a good idea especially if you are going on a long trip which means that you can't clean it while you're gone. This will lengthen the health of your pool water and make it more comfortable for you to swim in.

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