Cleaning Pool Algae

by Pool Builders on 11-22-2010 in Articles

We love to be in the pool, you can't deny that. Having a pool at home is one of the best luxuries that life could offer. Imagine playing around the pool with friends or family members on a hot sunny afternoon with nothing to worry about and nothing to care about, just enjoying the day. That would be a perfect way to spend the weekend. That is why, to all the people who are living the life, those people that has pools in their houses, you are lucky people, and you know that? However, that is not what we are going to talk about today.

Although it is somehow related but it's not the pool that we would be talking about right now, it's how to clean and maintain it. So here goes: Don't you hate it when you see green stuff on your pool? Water on your pool is stagnant, not flowing, that is why in a few weeks, if you don't clean it, green icky stuff would start growing on the tiles on the sides, that green icky stuff is called algae. Now, algae are common on ponds and in your aquariums because fishes also eat those. But your pool is not an aquarium nor does it house fish. Your pool is a place where you enjoy swimming and stuff. So go out and clean it.

Algae are nuisance. They are like pests, you can never get rid of it, and it would always come back to your pool. However, constant cleaning and brushing should keep it away. Algae could be single - cell organisms that hasn't got any roots or stems or they could be like plants. These algae likes to grow on water and you can find it leaving slimy residue on your tiles and stuff. But the most common place that you would see it is in your walls. These are not abnormalities in the water or the result of chemical stuff building up in your pool, no, none of the above. These are natural occurrences that you can't stop and can't do anything about. The least that you could do is to clean it regularly, perform vacuuming and some filter changes too. Also you could put chlorine or chemicals like it on the pool to prevent single cell structure from going. That is probably the best way to avoid algae infestations.

For pools that are heavily infested with algae to the point that you feel like you are on a different planet every time you look at it, it would definitely require professional help. You can't remove it by simply scrubbing and other regular stuff that we do. Heavy infestations need super attention and super solutions that only the professionals could handle. So if you have a one hundred year old pool that hasn't been cleaned since it was created, you might want to call the pros or better yet, call discovery channel because I do believe there is some sort of evolution going on in your pool.

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