Cleaning Pool Tiles

by Pool Builders on 11-01-2009 in Articles

Ceramic tiles that go around the top of edge of the pool are meant to be cleaned weekly. Generally most people are not going to get in the pool and go through all the scrubbing every week, but if you hired a high quality pool care company then the would do this to keep your pool in top shape.

Pool tiles are going to get scum on them and will start to crack without proper care. The pool supply store is going to offer you a cleaning spray to keep them clean which you know will keep your tiles clean. If you are using this spray, you can spray the pool tile both above and below water line to keep them clean. Cleaning the tile below the water line is just as important as cleaning above the water line.

Sprays that you get from the pool supply store will be able to dissolve directly into the pool and will usually smell pretty good. When you put your sponge below the water line you can watch the spray dissolve into the water with little bubbles.

If you want to use a homemade spray you need to make sure that you have drained the pool prior to cleaning the tiles. Adding harsh chemicals into your pool can cause major health hazards to those swimming in your pool. Even basic cleaning mixtures such as vinegar will have an effect on your pH level that you need to be prepared for. Some suggest muriatic (pool) acid to clean the tiles, but this is a very bad idea. Muriatic acid should never be directly added to a pool. Also, it should only be added to a pool very slowly over time after being thoroughly diluted with water. Trying to clean the pool tile with this nasty substance can leave burns.

Scrubbing pool tiles is going to be the same as scrubbing bathroom tiles. Scrub in a circular motion and make sure you scrub the corners, cracks and top groove of the tile.

Do not neglect this simple cleaning. It does not take that much time and can be easy to remember if you schedule this cleaning in conjunction with vacuuming the pool and other pool maintenance.

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