Cleaning Pools Through Pressure Washing

by Pool Builders on 03-13-2011 in Articles

Private swimming pools are highly likely to be the center of activities during the summer months wherein birthday parties as well as barbeques with friends and families are likely to happen. With such heavy activity going on in and out of the pool, not to mention the humidity brought about by the pool and the heat of summer, molds are likely to grow not just on the tile enclosure of the pool, but on areas that are frequently damped by the people going out of the pool as well. These molds should be cleaned not only because they are unsightly to look at, but they can also potentially cause accidents as they are very slippery and may cause people to slide and hurt themselves. To be able to remove such unsightly and hazardous patches of molds, your pool area needs to be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning the pool area is very demanding and time-consuming. It takes a lot of hard work to clean a pool, especially if you will be doing it with the more traditional scrubbing with soap and brush. However, with the cleaning power and efficiency of pressure washers, this hard to accomplish cleaning task will be finished in less than half the time it takes to do it manually.

If you plan on pressure washing your pool, make sure to remove anything loose that can be blown away by the extreme pressure brought by the pressure washer, things such as pool equipments, toys, twigs and debris. This is similar in a way to how you first try to remove any coins and paperclips before vacuuming. Once you have finished removing anything loose and unnecessary, you can start-up your pressure washer and commence pressure washing the sides and flooring of your pool to rid its surface of any molds.

Pressure washing your pool can make the once tough job of cleaning it easy. However, it is important that you do not use too much pressure when cleaning it and try to adjust the pressure appropriately and accordingly so that you do not destroy any of the grout in between each tile. If your pressure washer does not come with a pressure adjustment, try spraying the tile surface at about 10 feet while taking a step closer until the desired cleaning effect is achieved.

If you have a detergent mixing attachment, use it so that you will be able to apply detergent while spraying. Allow the detergent to sit for maybe 10 minutes. After that, rinse the soap off. Make sure to rinse the surface properly so that no detergent residue remains. Once you finish cleaning your pool, you can start to fill her with water and let the pool party begin.

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