Cleaning Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 08-10-2009 in Articles

Cleaning swimming pools is actually an easy task provided you have at hand the proper cleaning materials for it. It is a necessary action that swimming pool owners must partake to ensure comfort and protection for the water equipment. A factor in keeping this task simple though is the natural environment that surrounds the pool. If trees and bushes abound it, the task would be quite gruesome, but if not, there's actually nothing much to worry about.

To start with, the pool must be water-emptied before any major cleaning procedure takes place. If done with emptying the pool, then comes the manual cleaning, that is, if your pool is not equipped with an automatic cleaning system. One should take note though that automatic pool cleaners are not reliable enough when it comes to cleaning the whole pool equipment. There are some areas and corners in every pool that must be given special attention that automatic cleaning systems usually miss, so it would always be best to do some manual cleaning along with the system. Use a manual brush along with a good amount of detergent, then pool vacuum on all areas of the walls and floor at least once a week. In doing so, one should pay special attention to edges, corners, stairs, and other hard to reach areas. This would prevent the accumulation of stains that resulted from the process of dirt build-up.

Pool owners should always keep the equipment well maintained. Taking note of the necessary actions to keep it looking great and inviting is a product of a good filtration system, proper PH levels and manual pool cleaning. Also, pool owners should use a sanitizer to keep it free from bacteria. Lastly, be sure to shock the pool on a regular basis to keep the water clean and crystal-clear.

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