Cleaning Swimming Pools - Simple Tips to Do It On Your Own  

by Pool Builders on 12-12-2014 in Articles

Swimming pools are great additions to your home especially if you love swimming or you want it as a form of exercise. A swimming pool in your own home can also be a great area for family relaxation as well as parties and gatherings. In fact, it can be a romantic place for you and your partner. However, along with the luxury of having a pool right in your backyard is the responsibility of making sure that the pool is well-maintained and kept clean at all times.
Water in the pool can indeed pose risks to your health especially if you haven't cleaned it well or you don't care about making it clean and well-maintained at all times and bacteria can thrive in it. Of course, you don't want bacteria multiplying on your pool which can also affect the health of the users. Stagnant water in the pool can be a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria thus if you want to make it clean at all times, learn some tips and techniques in cleaning swimming pools.
Keep in mind that cleaning swimming pools can be a little challenging but if you know what to do and you know what you need, the task will be a lot lighter. Moreover, knowing how to easily maintain a clean pool will also help you feel calm that your family will be safe with their swimming any time of day as well. Here are some tips and techniques that you might find useful in the task.
- Use chlorine to disinfect your the pool water. Chlorine has been used as a cleaning agent in pools but make sure you know how to apply it. It is also important to make sure you know how much chlorine your pool needs, and that depends on your pool size as well. Keep in mind to add Chlorine gradually. If you want the easy way, use chlorine in floating containers. You can just leave them floating and it will gradually add the disinfectant into the water. If you are manually adding the chemical yourself, do not allow swimmers to go into the pool a few minutes from your application.
- Vacuum and brush the floors and walls of your swimming pool once a week. This will help you avoid scum, dirt and algae that can settle in the floors, walls and corners of the pool. This will also avoid making your pool become slimy that is not just unclean but can also cause accidents. Even if your pool has an automatic cleaner, manually going over the hard to reach areas can help a lot to maintain a clean swimming pool.
- Do a surface skimming with a leaf net to get rid of leaves, insects and other floating objects off your pool. Especially if there are trees surrounding the area, you may want to do the surface skimming every day especially when leaves starts to fall. They do not only make your pool dirty, these objects can also clog your suction lines. If you want a more permanent solution to leaves falling on your pool, you may want to install a leaf catcher above it. This helps the task of cleaning swimming pools and maintaining them a little lighter and easier.
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