Cleaning Swimming Pools With Pressure Washers  

by Pool Builders on 03-20-2011 in Articles

Private swimming pools are usually the center of activities during the summer seasons where the homeowners often hold pool parties and barbeques with friends and families. Having such a heavy activity both in and out of the pool means that there is a high possibility of mold building up not only on the sides of the pool, but also on places that often get damped by the people coming out of the pool. In fact, the high level of humidity brought about by the heat and the pool nearby makes it the perfect environment for molds to grow.

The buildup of molds on swimming pools and on its surrounding areas is not only unsightly, but also dangerous because they are very slippery and people can slip from them which could potentially cause injuries. In order to prevent the buildup of molds, the pool and its surrounding area must be regularly cleaned.

Cleaning swimming pools is very demanding and time-consuming. Cleaning pools takes a lot of hard work, especially if the pool will be cleaned manually with soap, brush, and elbow grease. However, with a pressure washer, the once difficult job of cleaning the pool area is now much easier and can be accomplished in less time.

Before pressure washing you pool, make sure that everything that is loose inside the pool, such as pool equipments, toys, twigs and other debris is removed. This is in sense similar to removing coins and paperclips before vacuuming. Once anything loose and unnecessary has been removed, you can start setting up your pressure washer.

Once your pressure washer is ready for pressure washing, make sure to adjust the pressure of washer and not use too much pressure as this could damage or destroy the grout of your pool. If your pressure washer does not have any pressure adjustment, try pressure washing from a distance of 10 feet first while shortening the distance until the desired cleaning effect is achieved.

If your pressure washer comes with a detergent mixer, use it to apply detergent on the surface that needs to be cleaned. After the detergent has sat for about 10 minutes, attach the necessary attachment for rinsing and begin rinsing the pool's surface. Make sure that it is rinsed properly to ensure that no detergent residue is left.

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